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“Our goal is to grow the community of angel investors in Mexico and LATAM.”

In 2020, Startup Capital emerged as an initiative aimed at fostering early-stage investments in startups, empowering regional entrepreneurs to make their inaugural high-risk investments that support LATAM entrepreneurs in securing capital.

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Where startups come alive through early stage venture capital

The Capital Startup Capital Summit is a unique opportunity to connect with visionary entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and fellow investors from Mexico and Latin America. This event is dedicated to exploring groundbreaking ideas, fostering collaboration, and discovering the next wave of innovative startups poised for success.

  • Networking Opportunities: Engage in meaningful conversations with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and potential co-investors during exclusive networking sessions.
  • Pitch Sessions: Witness firsthand the most promising startups as they present their groundbreaking ideas and business plans.
  • Panels and Workshops: Gain insights from industry experts through thought-provoking panels and interactive workshops covering the latest trends and challenges in startup capital.
  • Breathtaking Location: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Mexico while enjoying the stunning backdrop of our event venue.


La Casona Convention Center
San Miguel de Allende, MX
February, 10th & 11th, 2020

“At our inaugural edition, we chose the La Casona Convention Center as our venue. Over two days, we hosted conferences and workshops that drew in over 12 investors exclusively from the Bay Area. Additionally, ten Mexican startups actively participated in this premier event.

Funds & investors

In this edition, we had the participation of angel investors from Sand Hill Angels, HBS Angels, Stanford Angels, Stat Zero Ventures, Ovo Fund, Fusion, Fund, among others. Over 400 entrepreneurs, startups, and business leaders attended.

Valle de los senderos, san miguel de allende, MX
November 5th – 8th, 2021


In our 2021 edition of Capital Startup Capital, it was a challenging edition as we were coming back from a COVID-19 lockdown process. We held this edition at a single beach in Central Mexico, located in Valle de los Senderos in San Miguel de Allende.

We had invited investors from SALESFORCE, Avanta Ventures, Rally Cap Ventures, Seedstars, Merrill Lynch, Mercato Partners, Brainstorm Ventures, of Gilgamesh Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank, Addem Capital, AMEXCAP, BIVA, Maquia Capital, and Orbia.

This edition was very significant for us because we managed to capture the attention of more than 20 firms, not only from funds and angel investors but also from CVCs. They were present at the Demoday where 35 STARTUPS from Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and the USA participated.








Caminos de Vinos, Guanajuato

October, 14th & 15th 2022

The highest vineyard in Mexico, located at 2400 meters above sea level, situated in the former Hacienda Jesús María of the Sangre de Cristo community, was the venue for the third edition of Capital Startup Capital in 2022. It hosted investors from various ecosystems around the world, including Israel, Finland, the UK, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, among others.

At the conclusion of this edition, Josef Scarantino shared with the community a series of reflections, which we share in this link, so you can understand the impact and reach of this edition.


Hacienda Maria Eugenio, Gto Mex
November 8th – 10th, 2023

CSC’2023 has been, so far, the edition with the highest number of attendees. We were visited by over 500 people interested in early-stage venture capital topics from various cities in LATAM and the USA. We expanded our reach to invite CVCs interested in LATAM startups.

More than 100 startups registered to participate in our DemoDay, where 25 startups presented, and we had the participation of global companies such as BBVA, SUMIMOTO, LENOVO, among others.

In this edition, we also broke the record for investors with over 37 representatives from investment funds, family offices, CVCs, and private investors. AMEXCAP, as every year, supported to strengthen the risk investment ecosystem in the Bajío region. We jointly organized a Meetup with entrepreneurs from the region.